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Diaper Bag for New Moms
Price: 875฿

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Diaper Bag for New Moms Diaper Bag for New Moms Diaper Bag for New Moms Diaper Bag for New Moms
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This diaper bag is made from microfiber and is floral. It has multiple pockets both inside and outside of the bag to give you lots of storage space for bottles, diapers, extra clothing, bibs, and anything else you might need for your baby. With this diaper bag you can carry around everything in style.

This diaper bag also comes with a waterproof changing mat so you will be able to make sure your baby has a completely dry bottom no matter where you are when he needs to be changed. Every mother should have a great diaper bag to carry around everything that she needs for her precious baby, and this one has everything that you  need.

There is even enough room to carry around things for you such as your cell phone or wallet. 

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