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Maternity Black Leggings
Price: 780฿

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Maternity Black Leggings Maternity Black Leggings Maternity Black Leggings Maternity Black Leggings Maternity Black Leggings

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Maternity black leggings are made from a very comfortable bamboo fabric that are perfect to wear with a long shirt or dress. This fabric is very light and breathes very easily, which makes it great for maternity clothes. These maternity black leggings are also anti-backterial, anti-ultra-violet and great for any eco-friendly mom. The maternity black leggings features a high waist that will completely cover up your growing stomach, and makes them perfect to wear during the day and night.  You will find these so comfortable you will not want to take them off. You can also look very fashioinable while you are pregant wearing these maternity black leggings with many of your shirts and dresses.

  M L XL
Top of the waistband 33"-35" 37"-39" 39"-41"
Hip 37"-42" 40"-44" 42"-50"
Length measured from top of waistband 43" 44.5" 44.5"
Rise  this is the distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch 16" 17" 17"



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